About Profilme

The Software

ProFilme.NET, specialized software for the audiovisual industry, was first envisioned by relevant players in the market and has come in evolution since 1994 with the cooperation of small, medium and large-sized companies. To say that ProFilme.NET is the most scalable ERP for film industry means that the software is prepared to support your company, no matter the size and market segment it may be in, within film producing.

Ever since its first version ProFilme.NET has been developed in a way to perfectly meet users´ needs, shorten implementation time and facilitate usage by newcomers. Therefore, ProFilme.NET fulfills its target audience needs in every aspect: interface, vocabulary use and even desktop icons.

Not only productions but also the administrative aspects of the businesses can be managed by using ProFilme.NET, for it allows you to manage multiple locations and companies within the same database. Productions´ performance is tracked at the same time it all happens and budget goals as well as financial statements can be accessed at any time, in an agile and safe way.


Each interaction we keep with users is valuable! Our way to express how important that is to us is by building software out of it! Suggestions are well analyzed and, when incorporated, they are sent as an update. Users follow each new version through a version history box as they login into the software. All that is done in an automatic way, with no waste of time to the users.

Support and Incident Management

Our support team receives specific training to be able to deal with users doubts. Thanks to the investment in technology, our automatized incident management software delivers precise information so we are able to prioritize and determine action.


Native, mobile or web application, whichever it is, our development team makes use of the best products in technology so no functionality is left behind.